Over Thirty Years of Appraisal Experience

The definition of appraisal is a “an expert or official valuation, as for estate taxes or insurance purposes.”   Appraisals range from individual items like automobiles, antiques, and jewelry, to an entire estate.  Experience is key in this area and this is where Hensley’s Estate Services excel. Consider that long ago, many valuables were purchased as investments.  If you are selling, these valuables can work for you today, whether it’s for pleasure or investment.

The Hensley’s can be likened to “history detectives” as they discover the uniqueness and qualities of goods and family treasures. Because of their vast and long-standing experience and knowledge, the provenance (origin) of a piece can be found or followed. While their passion is American antiques, they appreciate the significance of historical merit and craftsmanship in Asian, French, English, and other European items.

We have over 30 years of appraisal experience, working with a wide range of clients including the State Capitol, the Crocker Art Museum and various State Museums.

Why Choose Hensley’s Appraisal Services

Certified Appraiser with 30 plus years experience

Types of Appraisals:

  • Liquidation
  • Fair Market Value
  • Insurance or Replacement


  • Antiques, Collectibles, Jewelry
  • Fine Art, Sculptures and Statuary
  • Decorative Art, Pottery, Porcelain and Glass
  • Furniture and Residential Contents
  • Tools, Machinery, Equipment,
  • Vehicles, Boats, RV’s, Motorcycles
  • Firearms, Western Memorabilia, Native American

Reasons For Appraisal:

  • Trusts, Estates, Dispersal
  • Insurance, Damages, Loss
  • Divorce
  • Estate Tax, Bankruptcy, Donations
  • General Information